Zhejiang Crab Vinegar
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When it comes to consuming hairy crabs, crab vinegar is a necessity. It helps to mitigates the cooling effect from the crab and it also helps to enhance the umami taste of the seafood by removing traces of the fishy smell from seafood.

Lao Heng He was founded in the first year of Guangxu during the Qing Dynasty (1875). It is also called "Zhejiang vinegar" because it is produced in Zhejiang, where the climate is humid and mild. 

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Origin: China Huzhou - Zhejiang

Brand: Lao Heng He 老恆和

Net Volume: 90 ml

Shelf Life: Up to 2 years from manufactured date


Serving Suggestion: 

Add minced ginger and dissolve brown sugar into the vinegar to enhance the taste of the dipping sauce.

Suitable to be used on crabs, seafood and dumplings.


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