Delivery Schedule

Standard deliveries take place every Wednesday and Saturday of the week even on Public Holidays. 

Delivery Time Slot: 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

We are not able to accept requests for specific delivery timing as our drivers have mutiple deliveries location and their delivery routes are fixed.


Adhoc/Express Delivery

Adhoc or Express Delivery can be arranged in advance depending on the driver's availabilty. Kindly Whatsapp us in advance before placing your order so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

For orders with a minimum spending of $120, there will be an additional surcharge of $10 on top of the free delivery provided. 

For orders less than the minimum spending of $120, there will be a flat rate adhoc/express surcharge of $20.


For all other delivery inquiries, kindly refer to the "Delivery Information" tab located at the bottom of the website.

The Self-Collection address is located at BLK 188B Bedok North Street 4.

Le Petit Butchery has a storage warehouse and cold room located at 30 Alexandra Lane, Skylight Building (S119982) that is solely used for food dispatch only. 

For customers who opt for Self-Collection, kindly Whatsapp us at least 2 hours in advance to arrange a suitable timing to pick up your items.

A minimum spending of $30 is required to opt for Self-Collection. 

An Unsuccessful Delivery would mean that our drivers did not handover the products/food items directly to the customer in person unless stated otherwise by the customer.

It is the customer's full responsibilty to ensure that there is somebody available to pick up the orders on their selected delivery dates.

In the case of unsuccessful deliveries, our drivers will call the customer and wait for 5 minutes before leaving the food items at the door or gate area.

An SMS or Whatsapp message along with photo evidence will be sent to the customer to inform them about the unsuccessful delivery attempt.


For more delivery inquiries, kindly refer to the "Delivery Information" tab located at the bottom of the website.

Le Petit Butchery takes pride and are commited to providing customers with the finest products. In the event of missing or unsatisfactory item, kindly inform us via Whatsapp within 12 hours upon delivery for us to review it on a case by case basis. If you do not notify us within the stipulated time frame, we shall have no liability in respect of such shortfall and you shall be bound to pay the price as if the products had been delivered in accordance with the contract.


Full refund policy are stated under "Terms & Conditions" tab located at the bottom of the website.

For any change in delivery dates or address, do inform us 24 hours in advance before your delivery date via Whatsapp. We will try out best to accomodate to your request. 

However, if your request was made last minute and the orders were already picked up by our drivers, we will not be able to make any changes thereafter.


For more information, you may refer to our "Delivery Infomation" tab located at the bottom of the website.

Registrations are optional. First time customers or returning customers can check out as guests.

However, we do recommend that customers create an account with us. It will save you the hassle of having to key in your delivery details for your future orders with us.

Le Petit Butchery will also work towards implementing a point reward system in the near future so that members will benefit by creating an account with us!



Currently we only accept payment via PayNow, PayLah! and Google Pay.

Le Petit Butchery uses an automated PayNow/PayLah function so that your order will be processed and verified immediately. The reference number and payment amounts are also generated automatically to prevent human error and to make your shopping experience convenient and enjoyable.

Le Petit Butchery will not accept cash on delivery as our drivers are all externally enagaged vendors and the drivers will change from time to time depending on their availabilty. Orders will only be confirmed and processed upon successful checkout and payment online.

For PayNow via DBS Application

Step 1: Launch the DBS digi app and tap on “Scan & Pay”.
Step 2: Scan the merchant’s QR code.
Step 3: To proceed with payment, log in using your digibank User ID and PIN.
Step 4: Check the payment details and amount which are automatically generated based on your purchase and tap on “Pay Now”.
Step 5: Verify the payment details and proceed to complete the payment by tapping on “Transfer Now”.
Step 6: Your transfer has been completed.


For other banks PayNow QR

The option of scanning a QR code to make payments is available. Entities and consumers can now make PayNow transfers by scanning the PayNow QR code using the existing mobile banking applications of the participating banks or selected mobile applications of the participating NFIs.

The PayNow QR code is integrated with the Singapore Quick Response (SGQR) Code.

Using QR significantly reduces manual input required by payers when entering the PayNow proxy and lowers the risk of human error. 

Your transaction and payment details are directly handled by DBS, our payment service provider with secure encryption and strict banking standards. Your credit card details are sent directly to the bank and cannot be read or accessed by any parties other than your bank - Including Le Petit Butchery.

PayNow is a secure funds transfer service. The end-to-end process of a PayNow transaction is secure and adopts the same security standards established by the banking industry in Singapore for fund transfers.

In case of any payment difficulties or failed payment attempts, you can always Whatsapp us for assistance!

Fret not, we will guide you step by step to ensure that you will be able to checkout of your cart sucessfully.

Yes, our crabs can be consumed upon delivery after sufficiently defrosting them at room temperature for at least 2 hours.

If you are not eating the crabs on the day of delivery, put the crabs in the chiller if you will be eating them in the next 24 hours.

If you are keeping them for another time, you can keep the crabs in the freezer for up to 3 months at -18 degrees or lower.

When ready to consume, put the crabs into the chiller for 24 hours before eating for the best experience.

  • For Yellow Roe Crabs (YRC), per packet contains 2 crabs.
  • For Red Roe Crab, Double Shell Crab or Premium Selection Crab, per packet contain 1 crab.


For Example:

YRC (Big) that weights 600-699g per packet, each crab will averagely weigh around 300g-350g.

Double Shell/Red Roe crab that weights 300g-399g, each crab will weigh between 300-399g.

  • Weight stated is for the entire packet after crab processing which includes cleaning, steaming and removal of crab gills and abdomen flap.

All orders will be packed into a disposable cooler foil bag to keep the food items insulated at all times. 

During the delivery process, our drivers will also keep the parcels further insulated by storing the packed food items in ice boxes or cooler bags.

Le Petit Butchery strives to uphold our food quality and it is our aim to deliver the items in their original state (For example, frozen food should remain frozen upon delivery).

In rare cases of discrepancies, kindly inform us via Whatsapp immediately upon receipt of food items so that we can investigate and make amendments accordingly.

Le Petit Butchery has specially created a "RECIPES" tab located at the top right and bottom left of the website to value-add and to serve our customers better.

Do note that these recipes are general guidelines and for reference only. Actual cooking results can differ due to the usage of different products and cooking equipments. 

Most of the recipes posted are uniquely thought up from scratch by our residential Chef Valerie Yong.

You may follow her on instagram for more cooking inspirations!


If you will like to contribute to our recipe page, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or Whatsapp!

We will be more than delighted to repost your delicious recipes and share these with our valued customers.

Le Petit Butchery aims to provide customers with good quality food at the most affordable pricing. 

As much as we will love to keep the food prices low at all times, unfortunately there is always a strong correlation between supply and demand among different suppliers. 

Le Petit Butchery will usually seek alternatives from different suppliers and try to absorb minor price increments for food products.

However, if the price increment is substantial across all suppliers, we will have no choice but to do a price adjustment for the affected product until we find a cheaper alternative supply.




Le Petit Butchery aims to provide a seamless service for all our customers.

If you have any questions that are left unanswered or are not stated under the "FAQ" or "INFORMATION" tab located at the bottom of our website, please do not hesitate to contact us via Whatsapp or send us a message. We will get back to your inquiry as soon as possible.