Le Beurre Bordier - Yuzu Butter
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Inspired on a trip to Japan in 2006.

When Yuzu is incorporated into a lightly salted butter, it provides the butter with an elegant and fresh taste. It marvelously coats dishes with its sweet bitterness and is delicious on a toast among a bed of strawberry jam.

A hybrid between a mandarin and lemon, the Yuzu is a citrus fruit native to East Asia. It looks like a small grapefruit and is believed to have originated in central China as well as Tibet. It was later introduced to Japan and Korea where they call it "yuzu" or "yuja" borrowing from the Chinese word "yòuzi" which is known as pomelo. 

The taste of Yuzu resembles that of grapefruit with tangerine tones. It is rarely eaten as it is, but in Japanese cuisines, its zest is used to garnish certain dishes and its juice used as a seasoning similar to lemon juice.

The harmonious blend of lightly salted butter infused with yuzu is truly remarkable. This butter will effortlessly bring elegance and freshness to the food you cook.

Priced per slab


Origin: France

Average Weight: 125 grams

Shelf Life: ~2 weeks from date of receipt


*All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only, actual product may vary.

*Butters will be frozen and packed in insulating bags before dispatch.

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