Le Beurre Bordier - Semi Salted 2.8% Butter
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Made of rustic and noble ingredients. It is very creamy and upon taste, reveals hints of caramel and hazelnut. The Semi-salted butter (2.8%) presents a delicately controlled salt taste that pairs perfectly with a slice of toasted bread. The Semi-salted butter fits into all your recipes! Sliced bread, chocolate cakes, lobsters, chickens... everything!

It is a tradition in Brittany to welcome your guests by placing a lump of salted butter at the entrance of the house. Therefore, people started calling this the welcome butter. By giving your guests this deliciously salted butter, it signifies the utmost respect you give to them.

Priced per slab


Origin: France

Average Weight: 125 grams

Shelf Life: ~2 weeks from date of receipt


*All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only, actual product may vary.

*Butters will be frozen and packed in insulating bags before dispatch.

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