Le Beurre Bordier - Seaweed Butter
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Created during a meal with friends, 1986

Seaweed butter draws its red, green and black tones from iodized algae. It is an obvious choice of butter when cooking with fish and shellfish dishes. It can be surprisingly delightful when paired with red meat.

A perfect combination of land and sea.
Jean-Yves Bordier was the first person to create a butter that fused butter with seaweed. He created it during a meal with friends, to accompany the fish of the day, a catfish. Thanks to Eric Lecerf, Chef at Joël Robuchon, the Seaweed butter has become synonymous with nobility due to its rich and fine taste.

The seaweed used when making this butter are harvested by shore-based fishermen in Finisterre. Because the seaweed has a growth cycle of 5 months, it can be harvested twice a year. Because of the tide continuously mixing the seaweed, it ensures that the old ones are easily harvested, leaving the young shoots at the bottom. This ensures sustainable farming of the seaweed.

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Origin: France

Average Weight: 125 grams

Shelf Life: ~2 weeks from date of receipt


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