Le Beurre Bordier - Roscoff Onion Butter
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A meeting with the Johnnies and Jennies of Roscoff, 2016

Did you know that Johnny Onions, was a name given to any onion-seller from Brittany, especially from the town of Roscoff, who went door-to-door around the coasts of England, Wales and Scotland to sell onions? These onion-sellers were most commonly found in Great Britain from the early to mid-20th century.

This butter is the combination of two daily Breton products: butter and the vital voluptuousness of onion, one of the specialty products of the city of Roscoff.  With both savoury and sweet tones, the smoothness of the cream and the flaky texture of the onion, this butter goes well on a steak, fried potatoes, oysters, sliced bread, a savoury crepe and even on a savoury crumble!

Priced per slab


Origin: France

Average Weight: 125 grams

Shelf Life: ~2 weeks from date of receipt


*All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only, actual product may vary.

*Butters will be frozen and packed in insulating bags before dispatch.

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