Hairy Crab Tool Set with Condiments (Perilla Leaves, Ginger Tea and Crab Vinegar)
  • S$2.50

Hairy Crab Tool Set with Condiments includes:

  • A pair of disposable scissors
  • 1 set of disposable meat extractor and spoon
  • Dried perilla leaves sachet
  • Ginger tea sachet
  • Crab vinegar sachet

Priced per packet


Origin: China

Shelf Life: 

  • Dried perilla leaves sachet up to 3 years from manufactured date
  • Ginger tea sachet up to 18 months from manufactured date
  • Crab vinegar sachet up to 2 years from manufactured date


Serving Suggestion: 

1. Put the dried perilla leave sachet in boiling water to steam the hairy crabs.

2. Dip the hairy crabs in the crab vinegar. You may choose to add minced ginger and/or dissolve brown sugar into the vinegar to enhance the taste of the dipping sauce.

3. Brew the ginger tea sachet in a cup of hot water to aid disgestion and to mitigate the cooling effect after consumption of hairy crabs.


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