Supreme Beef Set
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As per our speciality in sourcing for good quality meats, we have finally found Shabu cuts that will leave a lasting impression on your guests when eating that steamboat together. There is always a difference in taste when eating quality beef or pork and we are bringing that difference to you. 

A cut above the rest and flavours you can trust from Le Petit Butchery.

- Karumbi Wagyu (MB 4/5)

- Grass-Fed Ribeye 

- Grass-Fed Striploin 



Origin: Australia

Average Weight: ~250 grams/ tray

Thickness: ~2mm/slice

Shelf Life: Up to 6 months in freezer from date of receipt

Product State: Delivered frozen


Serving Suggestion: 

You can use it for hot pot, Japanese yakiniku style or even stir-fry it!


*All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only, actual product may vary.

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